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For an icy finish as if the summer had frozen over in an instant.
The lustre, colours, and freshness freezing time for all eternity.
This collection brings breathtaking coolness to your look in the sweltering summer heat. This limited-edition collection comes encased in minimalist white.

  • Note that purchases for new products will be limited to three of each item per customer.


132 TOUKA /
Frozen Blue x Summer Coral

An icy white and frosty blue for cooling. Coral and brown to blend naturally with the skin. A palette that lets you enjoy refreshing, summer makeup.



Sparkle Gray
Shine Rose
Sandy Brown

Eyeshadow sticks featuring cooling colours perfect for the height of the summer. Colours spread smoothly and adhere closely to the skin. The eyeshadows contain three moisturising beauty ingredients: jojoba seed oil, squalane and hyaluronic acid.


Nudie Beige
Vermillion Red

The faintly lustrous matte colours enhance the radiance of womanly skin. From a nudie beige that blends with the skin creating an elegant impression, to an eye-catching vibrant red that brightens the skin and expression lines.


Shimmer Coral

A bluish pink, accented with blue glitter for radiance and gloss, and a coral orange glistening in pink and gold glitter.


Milky Lilac
Cherry Pink

The liquid blush creates an even and naturally radiant finish. The blush’s pearly lustre and soft reds blend with the skin to give the finishing touches of a refined summer look.


G-101 Frozen Glow

From the pen concealer that layers natural radiance and moisture with a single stroke comes a limited-edition icy, baby-blue colour that makes summer touched skin look remarkably refined.


Prism Blue

Brighten your fingertips with dazzling light. The clear, vivid colour is also perfect for pedicures.


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