SUQQU Makeup Artists use their diverse
knowledge in cosmetics to help customers find and fully highlight their unique
beauty, at SUQQU corners and events inside and outside of Japan.

Kazumi Obayashi

Born in Hyogo Prefecture. After working at SUQQU counters in the Kansai region, Kazumi became an Artist, dedicated to conveying to customers the joy of makeup and the SUQQU concept. A specialist in foundation and eye makeup, Kazumi has attracted a devoted fan base that is deeply impressed by her talent for styling and drawing eyebrows to suit each individual customer. 

Keiko Hanada

Born in Kochi Prefecture. Keiko set her sights on a career as a makeup artist when she was a little girl. She graduated from a school specializing in beauty care, graduating with a degree in makeup. Attracted by SUQQU’s wide range of items to solve every type of beauty concern, Keiko became a SUQQU Artist, intent on bringing people happiness through beauty solutions. Her specialty is makeup technique that transforms a person’s image completely. 

Masaru Yamazoe

Born in Nara Prefecture. After a stint as an artist at RMK, Masaru became a SUQQU Artist.  
Masaru draws on a wealth of experience to propose a palette of makeup options filled with variations for each customer. His credo is that he finds the most appealing feature of each customer and brings it to the fore, creating a look that makes the customer love herself even more. Masaru particularly shines in creating “cute makeup for grownups” tailored to the customer’s fashion. 

Hiroya Suzuki

Born in Kyoto Prefecture. In a “previous life” as a hairdresser, Hiroya became interested in the total balance between hairstyle and makeup. Resolving to master a full spectrum of makeup techniques, Hiroya joined SUQQU.  With his unhurried chatting style, Hiroya listens intently to each customer’s concerns and desires and provides patient, easy-to-follow counseling. Total makeup proposals coordinate with hairstyle are Hiroya’s special gift. 

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