VIALUME: ‘The way of light’


The way of the ‘living glow’
that only comes with maturity.

The way of the ‘living glow’ that only comes with maturity.
Layering moisture and light onto the skin to instill, circulate and nurture glow.
SUQQU’s new  luxurious skincare for aging skin*.

  • *
    Moisturization care for more beautiful mature skin

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The luxury of glow, borne into the future.

What is it that skin truly needs?
And can we get skin to take on a truly lit-from-within glow?
Here at SUQQU, our pursuit of the beautiful glow, has led us to the discovery of five elements that are deeply intertwined with glow, which deteriorate with age.
Moisture, firmness, translucency, brightness, smoothness.
And here now to address all of these elements and create a truly beautiful glow, is SUQQU’s most luxurious skincare line for aging skin*.

To women everywhere, with their clarity, polish, and elegance, we offer the joy of self-care in the form of skincare
— skincare that feels luxurious, with a fragrance that soothes the soul. 

With the “way of light,” VIALUME offers a glow that lasts into the future.
This is the culmination of SUQQU’s devotion to the essence of glow.

* Moisturizing care for mature skin





STEP 1: Instilling glow in the skin







A serum that instantly instills a glow in bare skin.
Absorbed vanishingly into the skin, cultivating resilience from the bottom up.
For brighter skin that’s filled with moisture and firmness.

A serum designed to instill glow, based on SUQQU’s ‘serum-first’ philosophy.
The first step of the skincare, made with a well-balanced of oil and water, and developed with a special texture that spreads smoothly and seamlessly despite its richness.

Blends well onto the skin as soon as it’s applied, providing it with moisture and resilience and leading to brighter, more translucent-looking skin. Contains Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Extract.


STEP 2: Circulating glow through the skin







A flood of moisture throughout*, for brighter-looking skin. A supple, rich texture that clings beautifully onto the skin. Oil-in lotion.

After the serum blends into the skin well, the lotion moisturizes, promoting glow throughout.

The rich, oil-in texture of the formula allows it to adhere closely to the skin without stickiness.
It smoothly spreads onto the face providing hydration.

  • *
    To the stratum corneum


STEP 3: Ensuring long-term glow







A blissful texture that complements the glow.
A formula that’s rich but not sticky, for a fresh, refined glow that lasts into tomorrow.

A luxurious, elegant cream that’s rich, yet soft, and melts like a dream onto the skin.
The serum and lotion thoroughly moisturize the skin, after which the cream envelopes it in a blissful, glowing ‘veil’.

Provides the finishing touch, making skin noticeably more supple and resilient. You won’t be able to wait for tomorrow morning’s makeup.

Contains Alpinia Speciosa Leaf Extract, from the leaves of shell ginger plants in Japan.



Simultaneously nurtures the five elements of glow,
layering ‘shallow’ glow*1 upon ‘deep’ glow*2.
Causes light to be reflected from the skin at various angles, creating a beautiful glow for skin.

1: Light that is reflected from the surface of the skin 
2: Light with depth that is reflected in various directions


Formulated with SUQQU’s original ‘VIALUME Complex’.

Layering glow upon glow, VIALUME simultaneously nurtures each of the five elements of glow.

“VIALUME Complex*

A complex made up of six different types of ingredients, both natural and scientific, including glucosamine, amino acid derivatives and four types of plant extract.

* Acetyl Glucosamine, Methylserine, Nasturtium Officinale Etract, Equisetum Arvense Extract, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Extract, Zostera Marina Extract





An expression of ‘the way of light’, based on rich scents that evoke the art of incense.
A mystical fragrance that cultivates a sense of fulfillment in everyday life.

Skincare is an expression of a woman’s lifestyle. For SUQQU’s premium skincare, we created a complex, yet streamlined fragrance that makes liberal use of natural fragrance ingredients.
A scent that fulfills the soul, that relaxes while yet making you stand a little bit taller.


TOP:The leaves of trees shining in the sunlight: pear, ylang ylang*, leafy green, pink pepper*.

MIDDLE:The mysticism and dignity of flowers: rose*, muguet, adenoncos, magnolia*, cassis*.

BASE:A beautifully resonant fragrance: cedarwood*, sandalwood*, amber, labdanum*.

  • *
    Natural fragrance ingredients.










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